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The importance of good content - are you keeping up?

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The internet offers some phenomenal opportunities and rewards for companies and entrepreneurs alike, should they look to maximise their potential with the correct methods. However, the world of online marketing has changed to such a large degree that it seems hard to keep up with best practice. Still, there's one thing that has always been true about success online: solid, entertaining and fully-functional content will always get results.

Think of all the times you've visited a website and been held up by one or more problems, or simply moved on to a rival organisation because the quality of the copy was nothing short of sub-standard or confusing. What about the times when a flashy website looks the part, but you find it very hard to locate the information you need on it?

With these simple top tips, you can get ahead of rivals that overlook one very basic (and somewhat obvious) point: content is the most important thing for any online campaign, whichever direction you take.

Get the SPG basics down

SPG - or spelling, punctuation and grammar - are the three most important factors in establishing trust and respect in your brand. As soon as most people see that you've made a simple spelling mistake, they'll lose a little faith in you. If there are misplaced commas, it's much the same. If sentences don't make sense, you'll lose your audience almost immediately.

Right tone of voice

To reflect your brand properly, you have to match your tone of voice to how you portray your brand - not yourself personally. So while you may have a good sense of humour between you and colleagues in an office, your online presence should not necessarily be cracking jokes in a similar manner. Consider how professional, friendly, authoritative or even exclusive you want to sound - but make sure it matches your brand.

Relevant microcopy

In this blog here, the importance of microcopy is explored. Microcopy tends to take the form of those half-sentences that you see on nearly every web page, though they're usually the most important parts of a website. They communicate the little intricate details, such as what to click, how to enter forms, and so on - and may be the most important element of copy on a site.

Strong creative content

People like to be wooed, so if you have budget set aside for attractive content, go for it. Evans Halshaw recently revealed their Bond Cars interactive resource ahead of the release of Skyfall, and this medium-sized company is now the proud owner of an award-winning piece of content - and one that could be updated with new releases. It's simple, yet effective - and people will remember you for it.

Everything in its right place

Finally, make sure that on a website, Facebook page, Twitter account or Pinterest board, you put the relevant information in the correct place. People, for example, will expect an "About" page near the bottom, or contact details somewhere prominent. Without this somewhat predictable approach to content placement, you could lose more custom - that said though, don't sacrifice a little bit of ingenuity for the sake of tradition!