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Small Business Advice Focus: Communications

Small Business Advice Focus: Communications

The explosive growth in the use of computers in business since the nineties has caused businesses to attempt to think of creative ways to leverage the power of the computer to improve their communications strategies for the purpose of growing business. An effective and cost effective communications strategy is of vital importance to any small business if growth is to occur. There are companies have services which are specifically tailored to the needs of small business owners which save them money over larger communications providers.

In order to save money, many small businesses rely on the internet as their main way of communicating with customers, key stakeholders and employees in the business. Many small business owners work from home to avoid costly overheads of offices and as such, cost effective internet and phone services are essential. Even if your business is not internet based, in order to compete in today's market, most businesses rely on the internet to a large extent, especially when it comes to communicating with customers via mailing lists and social media as well as communicating with each other internally.

All companies should have a solid social media strategy in place as a part of their overall communications strategy. This is especially important for small businesses who are likely to have a limited marketing budget. Social media channels are fast becoming mini recommendation machines rather than places where people socialise with their friends. Their importance in the world of marketing means that how effective your social media strategy is can seriously impact your search engine rankings. An effective social media strategy can therefore boost customer relations, improve brand awareness, be an integral part of market research and increase sales. However, in order to be able to implement an effective social media marketing strategy, an effective and reliable broadband connection and telephone line is essential.

XLN Telecom have a variety of solutions which are tailored for small businesses that are designed to save significant amounts of money compared to using the communications services of larger companies. Broadband and line rental packages can save you up to 62 per cent compared to larger companies and they specialise only in small UK businesses, meaning that small business communications solutions are their area of expertise. If you have a small business, it is essential that you start thinking about an effective low cost communications strategy in order for your business prosper and grow.