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You are here Management Asia Pacific 'Poisoned' Chinese workers turn to Apple for help

'Poisoned' Chinese workers turn to Apple for help

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Chinese employees injured while assembling touchscreens for mobile gadgets, which includes iPhones, have written to Apple requesting it to do more to assist them. Some 137 employees went through adverse wellness effects following contact with a chemical, known as n-hexane.

They're saying that the Taiwanese plant owner has not given them enough reimbursement. Apple did not provide comment over the letter. Five employees, including twenty seven year old Jia Jingchuan, have written a letter to CEO Steve Jobs, requesting Apple to give more aid over the incidents.

They are saying that the plant holder has not given sufficient reimbursement, has pressured people who took reimbursement to give up their jobs and failed to give assurance that employees who might suffer fresh illnesses will have medicinal bills taken care of.