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Bahrain-China Investment Forum Launched

Bahrain-China Investment Forum Launched

The Bahrain-China Joint Investment Forum was launched in Beijing through the Bahrain Chamber of Commerce as well as Industry (BCCI) and also the China Council for Promotion of international Trade.

Senior Chinese authorities as well as council in the investment, commercial as well as industrial sectors attended.

The forum targeted to advertise investments and bonuses which exist for foreign businesses in Bahrain as well as encourage business close ties between these countries. Additionally, it searched for to focus the political, fiscal as well as interpersonal developments happening within Bahrain.

The forum analyze issues that could lead to the development of associations and the raise of trade and investment between the these countries, particularly identifying chances within the areas of natural property, finance as well as banking to enhance financial co-operation as well as open up new horizons with regard to mutual advantage.

This looked into the potential of starting a consultant office in Bahrain to provide lawful as well as financial information developed by the Chinese establishment for all those searching for international savings possibilities.

The forum discussed the commencement as well as restoration of the co-operation contract and also the method under which conferences will take place.

System for settling trade conflicts, reviewing investment chances for marketing of financial co-operation and growing bilateral industry in iron, steel, textiles, glass and crystal were also focused as well as the substitution of information between the chambers associated with commerce with each nations.

'The major purpose of this visit is to market an investment environment within Bahrain as well as marketplace obtainable financial as well as business chances, stated BCCI chairman Dr Essam Fakhro.

'It will also assist set up crucial partnerships in between business owners in Bahrain as well as China and also focus on the civil liberties as well as bonuses with regard to international investors in the empire.